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Century have a full range of test and track days to suit drivers of all abilities. From starter sessions for novices, to one to one coaching sessions from British Champions. For information on any of these exciting days click on the one which interests you.
Absolute Beginners
A track day for beginners with no outdoor karting experience. The day starts with a full safety briefing and refreshments, followed by a track walk and instructions on the kart being used. The client will then spend the rest of the day driving an appropriate kart under the instruction of an experienced champion driver so that by the end of the experience is confident kart control and understands the safety implications involved in motorsport.
Something Different
Test days for drivers who are thinking of changing class but want to try before they buy. A full day testing the kart of your choice under the guidance of British Champion - Nathan Freke. Enjoy the extra power and performance under controlled conditions making sure you are happy and can handle it before you spend the money.

In Need Of Improvement
Driver coaching day for the driver who needs help to go faster. A full days testing with Nathan Freke, coaching both on and off the track, explanations of the right lines, braking points, how to overtake. Demonstration by Nathan of the lines, follow Nathan to see how it is done, see where the braking points really are. Take the ragged edge off, become smoother, go faster.

Rotax Max Setup Days
Frustrated because your Max outfit isn't as quick as it should be? Struggling with carburation? Century can help you to get the best out of you Max, we have the benefit of 5 years testing behind us, both with the engines and carbs. If your driver cannot explain what is happening down the straight or out of the corners, let our experienced pilot do it for you. We will test your kart and engine and with the right feedback improve the setup to benefit your driver.

Ultimate Power
For the Junior or Senior who wants more from karting. A test day in a 6 speed gearbox kart- 85cc for Juniors (13 yrs minimum) and 125cc for Seniors. Feel the extra power of the engine, coupled with the slick sequential gearbox under the instruction of Nathan Freke the top gearbox racer in the UK. The individual tuition and use of the kart will send you home exhilarated and exhausted and more importantly - wanting more!